General Information

The reproductive pathology service provides specialized evaluation of reproductive tissues and associated lesions in domestic animal, exotic animal and laboratory animal species.
The following services are offered:

General histopathology of reproductive tissues

  • Biopsies or tissues obtained from autopsies (necropsies) may be submitted (testicles, ovaries, male and female tubular genitalia, male and female external genitalia). Includes endometrial biopsies.
  • Cost for one site : $70 (shipping and handling not provided)
  • Additional sites : $20

Endometrial culture

  • Aerobic bacteria and fungal culture with antimicrobial sensitivity. Cultures can be submitted other locations related to the reproductive tract on request.
  • Cost : $90 (shipping and handling not provided)

Reproductive cytology

  • Testicular aspirates, endometrial cytologies, vaginal cytologies, mammary gland aspirates, etc
  • Cost: $35 (shipping and handling not provided)

Mammary gland biopsies

  • Includes evaluation of hematoxylin and eosin stained section. A grade will be provided based on Pena, et al, 2012.
  • Cost: $90 (shipping and handling not provided)

Neonatal post-mortem evaluations (< 2 weeks of age)

  • Post-mortem evaluations can be performed by submitting formalin fixed samples and frozen tissues to the reproductive pathology service. If you prefer to have the entire evaluation performed at OSU, please contact to make arrangements
  • Option 1 - post-mortem performed by RDVM : $90
    • An abortion panel can be performed as a optional add-on test in this type of submission for an addition $350.00
    • Tissues for histopathology should be immersed and fixed in 10% neutral buffered formalin. Any tissue can be collected in formalin and will be evaluated microscopically. Tissues for microbiological, virological or toxicologic testing should be sent fresh and chilled (see below for appropriate tissues to save). Please note that some ancillary testing (toxicology) will be contracted out to laboratories that perform specific tests on a routine basis and this may delay the final results.
  • Option 2 - post-mortem done at OSU and includes an abortion panel : $550 per animal.
    • Please note that there is no option to have a post-mortem performed at OSU without an abortion panel being performed.

Abortion panel (any species)

  • Cost: $350 (Note that an abortion panel is automatically included in cases submitted to OSU for full post-mortem evaluation).
Canine Abortion Panel (NOTE - Maternal serology for Brucella canis is recommended over fetal tissue culture for the pathogen if Brucella canis is suspected)
  • Placenta, stomach contents, lung (individual organs) – Aerobic culture, Salmonella spp. culture, Brucella canis culture, Leptospirosis spp. darkfield microscopy
  • Pooled organ samples (Liver, lung, spleen, kidney, placenta) – Leptospirosis spp. PCR, Brucella canis PCR, Toxoplasma PCR
  • FA tests – Canine Herpesvirus-1, Canine Distemper Virus, Canine Adenovirus

Bovine Abortion Panel

  • Placenta, liver, lung, spleen, abomasal contects (individual) - BVD, IBR Fluoresent antibody, Leptospirosis spp. PCR, aerobic culture, Campylobacter, Histophilus, Listeria, Salmonella, fungal culture

Equine Abortion Panel

  • Placenta, Liver, Lung, Spleen, Stomach Contents (Individual) - EHV Fluorescence antibody, Leptospirosis spp. PCR, aerobic culture, Actinobacillus, Salmonella, fungal culture.

Feline Abortion Panel

  • Liver, lung, spleen, kidney, placenta - Aerobic culture, Feline Panleukopenia PCR, Toxoplasma PCR, Feline Leukemia Virus IFA, Feline Herpes PCR, Feline Calicivirus FA

Reproductive toxicologic or experimental pathology services

  • Assistance with study design as well as gross and histologic evaluation of tissue is available.
  • In addition, slide scanning services (digital pathology) as well as immunohistochemical and histochemical staining services are available in our department for use by the investigator.
  • Prices will vary according to the services required. Please contact to discuss a quote.